Raw Crime

Гей порно
 Raw Crime Страна: Czech Republic

Жанр: Anal Sex, Bareback, Blow Jobs/Oral Sex, Cum Eating, Facials, Group Sex, Prisons, Threesomes, Twinks, Uncut

Режиссер: Vlado Iresch

Студия: Staxus / Raw Films

В ролях: Robin Few, Jack Brent, Jerry Brand, Jimmy Call, John Hill, Marcel Bimore, Marco Bill, Mark Lee, Marty Broome, Michael Cross, Adrian Cooke, Timothy Nixon, Zack Hood
"Otherwise known as Memoirs of a Twink Convict, Robin Few reminisces about his time in the Czech Republic's most notorious place of penal correction – or should that be penile correction?! With an array of offenders this hot, its little wonder that this in one prison pretty much all of us would love to call home.
Knowing how to control your inmates is a vital key to the success of any prison-guard – a fact that young Adrian Cooke clearly hasn't got the hang off yet. Having stumbled upon the fabulous Zack Hood – the jail's most notorious prisoner – giving head to hairy-chested guard, Jack Brent, the inexperienced guard tries his luck... with disastrous results! Before he knows it he's being forced down on all fours for the violation of a lifetime – a fate also promptly dished out to fellow inmate, John Hill, who enters the laundry room midway through the antics. Typically, Hood is very much the dominate force here, first fucking Hill, and then (having emptied his balls) forcing Cooke to ram his cock up Hill's ass as well. With so much resultant cum, it's perhaps just as well there are plenty of fresh towels to hand! The scene ends with Zack emptying his fat cock on the arse and face of the other two guys.
Сексуальные приключения в чешской тюрьме

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