Тяжелая работа

Тяжелая работа

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: Hard work

Жанр: Bigass, Blonde, Blowjob, Facial, Groupsex, Mature, Piercings, Shaved, Straight, Tanlines, Tattoo, White

В ролях: Jewels Jade, Nicole Aniston

Описание: Nicole has been at this job for a relatively short period of time when the two guys who are veterans there started harassing her in a sexual manner. As Nicole was coming into the office today, she had her ass smacked by one of the guys in the hall way. Having reached her boiling point she decided to take this matter to the powers higher up. Well come to find out the boss couldnt make them stop either, but she had another plan of her own. She and Nicole were gonna go in there make the guys strip and humiliate them in the process. And that they did, these girls stripped them down butt naked and then made the guys bang the them. If only you were one of these guys huh, keep dreaming! A classic one for your records. Enjoy!

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