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Рождественские каникулы, Пародия

Рождественские каникулы, Пародия

Информация о фильме
: Рождественские каникулы, Пародия / This Isn't Christmas Vacation: The XXX Parody

Год выхода: 2010

Жанр: Feature, Spoofs & Parodies

Режиссер: Sammy Slater

В ролях: Anthony Rosano, Carolyn Reese, Alec Knight, Emma Heart, Melanie Rios, Tweety Valentine, Sonny Hicks, Marco Rivera

О фильме: This year the Grizwalds are gonna celebrate Christmas like never before. With more presents, more lights and more sex than ever. Crazy cousin Eddy parks his bedroom on wheels in the front of the house and proceeds to have sex for all the neighbors to see. Rusty finally gets a taste of some sweet, sweet pussy and quickly learns where to stick his yule log. Audrey spreads some cheer and her tight pussy for the boy down the street. And when Elen gets caught with her new purple vibrator, Clark shows her a toy of his own. ‘Tis the season to be Horny!!

Скачать торрент: Рождественские каникулы, Пародия (27,65 Kb), скачали: 119
Сиды:  195 
Пиры:  24 
Общий размер: 1,36 Gb
SHA Hash: 08fe3cd489d2bad6766fc865437626473c8d1c98

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