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Официальная Пародия Уцелевшего

Официальная Пародия Уцелевшего

Информация о фильме
: Официальная Пародия Уцелевшего / Official Survivor Parody

Год выхода: 2010

Жанр: Feature Movies, Parody / Spoof

Режиссер: Nate Liquor

В ролях: Kristina Rose, Jackie Daniels, London Keyes, Sara Sloane, Tori Lux, Krissy Linn

О фильме: The XXX tribe has spoken! Watch your favorite 3rd Degree porn stars learn to live together on a deserted island with nothing but their wits and asses! They'll be hunting for pussy and gathering balls and cock, forming “alliances” of every kind in this steamy tropical paradise. Forced to get down and dirty in every position, each player's physical battles will decide their fate. Our courageous contestants might be left high and dry, but the action is all wet and wild! The only question is - Who will be the last one standing?

Скачать торрент: Официальная Пародия Уцелевшего (14,37 Kb), скачали: 110
Сиды:  160 
Пиры:  6 
Общий размер: 1,37 Gb
SHA Hash: f4a3c60871834eba7f343b80b75f048ebc0f72f0

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